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Masters in helping families with financial need and the best at solving real estate financial concerns.


To provide professional guidance, quality assistance, and financial advisement at reasonable prices.


To provide you highly talented and experienced professional performers.


To help clients make prudential decisions in financial money management and real estate investments!


Our Nationwide
4% Listing & Sale Program

We list, market and sell your home for 4% of the sale price…that is total, no retainer!  We provide you a professional market assessment, comparative market analysis, listing on m.l.s., realtor.com, zillow; signage, color flyers, and professional contracting to complement the department of real estate in each state.

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Our Nationwide Home Resurrection Program

We work very hard to save homes behind in mortgage payments facing foreclosure and sometimes already in  bankruptcy. We will consider working with you and your lender to buy your home by bringing-up your mortgage payments together. Most every conventional lender will waive their fees and penalties when we work with you to bring-up all the past payments at one time and buy your home and lease it back to you for 3-5 years with an exclusive option for you only to repurchase it at appraisal!

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About Us


Our Experience

We have gone through the plight you are working through. We can guide you and help you generate your best resolve…and become prosperous!


What We Do

We work with clients to assure that clarity and strength in decision making will guide their family in all financial matters!

Mission Statement

To help American family's enjoy living within their income generation efforts by carefully managing their incomes, taxes, and expenses and the generation of their personal wealth.

Steps We Will Take With You

More Awareness And Learnings

Inform Yourself Through Our Website…
if You Have Further Questions,
Please Do Not Hesitate To Call Our
Office: (480) 897-0123.


We offer a complimentary 30-minute
consultation with our brokers and staff.
We will then ask you to review our
discussion and contact us to proceed if
you so desire.

Our Work

Through 7 half-hour sessions,
we guide your steps in order to assist
with your financial challenges.

No Rush

We grant you the necessary time to gradually come to closure, no pressure.
We want you to make the best
decision for your family’s well-being.

Our Credentials

Aerospace Machinist

Raised in family’s machine shop
and paid way through college!


Degree in business finance to contribute
to the real estate business as both go

Math and Science Experts

5 years of experience educating in
the Mathematics and Science fields.


25 years of leadership and
experience as a school principal.

Medical Practice Owner

7-years, 6500 patient base
internal medical practice:
Owner & Business Manager.

Real Estate Broker

22 years as a real estate broker;
representing sellers and buyers of property.

Real Estate Investor

22 years as an investor; purchasing,
owning, managing, renting and selling
real estate.

Financial Survivor

Successfully managed to excel
during the financial crisis of 2008.

Staff Credentials

Arizona Licensed Realtors, Cpa’s,
Arizona & California Attorneys,
Seasoned Investors!


We Focus On

Client Resurrection

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We Afford You Knowledge And Assistance

We have a “sine-wave” in our economy to cope with and survive! We can help you and will help you! We have “lived” through the foreclosure process and know the questions to ask to get the best results from your mortgage lender. We have lived through the bankruptcy process:  from petition to closure and questions that will come! We listen to your family needs and work with your individual case and concerns. We can ideally bring-up your past payments and reset your mortgage to possibly stay in your home and repurchase your home from us in 3-5 years at appraisal!

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