Our Mission

To save thousands of family relationships by assuring families in their values and the administration of their finances:  through knowledge and understandings of monetary: income generation, articulating expenditures, wise budgeting, accounting and savings primarily with their home and their retirement system all by using our 7-step financial program and nationwide real estate discount brokerage.

Preserving Families
And Living Well…

How? We stay with you through the foreclosure process and/or bankruptcy process together. We guide your steps and help you manage your money!

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Client Understanding Of Our Economy


Client Questions And Considerations Within Each Step In Our 7-Step Process


Client Considerations Within Each Process

We discuss various choices and results (we list and prioritize). We list all of the pros and cons, then deliberate with you over time allowed.

Using Our Experiences

Again, We State Reality: Your Great Learnings Happen…When You Have Faulted…They Help You Stand More Erect!

Using Our Brokerage

At Your Service: Assurance Realty, LLC Is On Call By You…at The Lowest Published Total Listing & Sale Commission Price Of 4%!

Using Our Investment Division

We work with your lender to consider buying your home and leasing it back to you for 3-5 years; with your Guaranteed Option to Repurchase it back from us… when your income, credit and money management has elevated using our Financial Resurrection Program.

Client Financial

We provide you with two of our “Automated Spreadsheets.” Each clearly and simply helps you manage your money:
In this Step 4, you will receive an “Annual Budget and Accounting Spreadsheet recording your Monthly Incomes and Expenses.
In the Step 5, you will receive an “Decade Budget and Accounting Spreadsheet recording your Projected Annual Incomes and Projected Capital Expenses to prepare yourself rather than face “SURPRISES” THAT BLOW FAMILIES AWAY…THINKING AHEAD vs. THINKING AFTERWARDS…The Latter spends many times the Effort and is “Hellacious!” to Regain Financial Balance…Often pushing Family’s into Usury Interest Rates and Greatly Extended Debts! Been There…Done That…Hard to Overcome…Financial Shocks Imperil People and Render Them: “RISKY!”
Welcome To Your Resolve…

We know you are in an Anxious State…We’ve been there! We will listen to you, examine your situation, and share how to resurrect your finances.

Get Started with Our 7-Step Program…NOW! You’re a Press of a Button away from Resolving your Concerns!

Call us on Step 1 and Freely Receive our Initial Counsel and you can apprise yourself of the Worthiness of our Offering…480-897-0123!

The cost of our Entire Program is $1250…Call us on each Step thereafter and go as far as it complements and hopefully graduates You and Your’s”…

Each Step 2 through Step 6 is $250…You may Pre-purchase for $1000…A value of many times more!

NOTE: In the advent, we are able to purchase your home out of the Foreclosure Process with the Bank…The Above Fees are Remitted to You!

Upon calling our office at (480) 897-0123, we will share the entire program.

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