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Folks…it is not all your fault! Our economy has an
unfortunate “Sine-Wave” operating within it!

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Folks…it is not all your fault! Our economy has an unfortunate “Sine-Wave” operating within it! Unfortunately, some mega-wealthy individuals like to take our Economy and treat it like Rope and “Oscillate it enough to shake people off of the “Rope” and watch them have to reinstate themselves in life…Again, if they can do this periodically…every 7-10 years and cause instability, forcing the sale of assets (homes), they can be bought-up at Significant Discount Prices to Elevate their Wealth…as these few people Never Want to Work Again! This nothing new! Always has been around and always will be around…THE CRISIS TO US IS…WE WILL SOLVE IT BY CAREFULLY AND METHODICALLY COUNTERING THEIR GREED! These people like to see job increases and then decreases but never so low that it results in violence and insurrection of the populace…but just enough to ruffle economic stability for one and all and REMOVE EQUITY FROM OTHERS!

Gentlemen and Ladies, welcome to the world of living within your real world variables…Your income stream will be more stabilized, if you prepare yourself and your children with both a profession and a skillful trade! Remember: your gross income is “Absolutely Not your Net Income”…Uncle Sam is expecting his share! Your expenditures vary by the day, week, month, year, decade…SO PLAN AHEAD by using our: “Annual Automated Spreadsheet” and our “Decade Automated Spreadsheet!” They will solve your management of your cash and the investment of your residual monies!”


“Annual And Decade Accounting
Spreadsheets! Here Now Is A Valuable Story
Regarding “Money Management:”

During World War I, our fore-fathers were sent into combat on foreign shores and left their wives and children back home to live within their “military pay.”  The pay was made weekly and the women had to care for themselves and their children. Pay was given in cash weekly… 52 weeks a year…and their challenges were predictable!

Unfortunately, most bills were due monthly!  They quickly divided 52 weeks by 12 months and found that there were 4.33 weeks in each month! The 1st of the month was not always on the same calendar day.

Well the government could not send more money at the time because of the war effort. So, the government decided to pay mothers on the 1st day of the month: 12-times a year in green cash. No matter what day it fell upon! It greatly helped mothers:

To plan their money management all by budgeting and discipline… They were then much more able to stay above water!

Resurrection of our mothers and their children was resolved. The mothers created a reliable “annual budget” with monthly money movements greatly helping them to survive and flourish! They lived within the confines of their limited income less their expenses! 

Unfortunately, We Educators And Parents Have Not Raised Our Young People On "MONEY MANAGEMENT!"

Money management requires that we reconcile with our government on our gross income… “first,” (oh…man!!!)… And then the needed extractions for health and workman’s compensation insurance, social security and retirement pensions are also subtracted…Ending-up with our net check…

“Ultimately Realizing A Significantly Smaller Amount Of Money.”

Then we must simply post our actual net income and focus on having fewer expenses. We then apply the simple math of addition and subtraction to come to “net!”: 

“It Is Very Easy Math, But
All Too Often: “Expenses
Exceed Income!”

Our fine young adults then are forced to repeatedly analyze; Their net income and their net expenses…To finally realize their net income available… to ideally build some savings…We can only make this happen… by careful budgeting, and only…

“If We Outline Our “Money
Management” By Ourselves!”

We as school principals, educators and parents should have clearly taught students how to handle money! We need to have our young people experience the processing and storage of funds and how to account for those funds.

“We Failed Our Individuals,
Family’s, Society And Our

We are now going to teach young people “Money Management!”


We Are Now Going To Teach Young People:
“Money Management!”

This discipline of “money management” is “power management!”  Without money…powerful acquisitions are remote! Without the power to purchase items in our economy, it unfortunately results in some people defaulting into corrupt actions…Nervous habits breed poor decisions and incarceration usually follows… Definitely hurting everyone! Had we educators done our jobs and taught “money management” in our curriculum to our graduating young people; we could have prevented millions of foreclosures, bankruptcies, family dissolutions…and criminal activity.

“Well, It Is Time For Us To Resolve This Tradgedy!”

So welcome to where we are now! In and throughout America…our largest monthly expense is “our house payment,” which is a priority for each of us deal with…which coincidentally, can also become our largest savings account!  

We need to hold on to our most major “appreciating asset…our home…and our retirement nest egg!” As we “thumb through our monthly bills” and “pray for intercession”… to make those payments…it doesn’t work too well… “been there…done that!” We need an articulated resolve…Our prayers lead us to “self discipline!”

“A Working Budget Is The Only Solution… We Have Designed This System For You:

1st: “Annual Budget With Monthly Income And Expense Amounts & Totals On Your Annual Spreadsheet!” 2nd: “Decade Budget With Annual Income And Expense Amounts & Totals On Your Decade Spreadsheet!”

We heartily recommend simple but powerful performance tools! We recommend Excel for our Spreadsheets and Quickbooks for our Accounting…there are many other quality software programs! Yes, we can blame…to little resolve...or…we can Man-Up, become Disciplined in our Behaviors, Think…Organize and Execute!

“If We Fail To Plan…We Plan To Fail! Generally It Is Very Expensive!Remember…Some Of Our Most Memorable Experiences Are When We “Failed! It Helps Us To Not Make The Same Mistake Again”

Prepare/budget for it! Savings must be deposited monthly no matter the amount! Put your money into a locked bank box, if you must; and only call upon it for family emergencies by voting!
We recommend to never/ever get a “bank credit card!”… They provide instant lending at extremely high interest rates…which is tantamount to self-destruction of any and all budget programming…

A SIMPLE ANALYSIS IS NEEDED TO SOLVE THE CHALLENGE:Prioritize your monthly (not weekly) challenges…Expect 10% of living challenges above your budget to just happen!

Today, 300%-400% interest rates are found on many street corners throughout our country… A tragic mistake by our government in 1972 was the erasing of our usury laws!

Get only a “bank debt card,” which immediately extracts funds. It is the better card designed for you to live within a budget…It directly extracts cash on the fly and depletes your bank checking as it is called upon. A demand depository checking account forces you to live within your balance!

We heartily recommend the reinstatement of “usury interest rates!”In the 1930’s, America imprisoned everyone charging: 10% mortgage rates and 36% loan rates…

In our subsequent steps you will be provided with:
“Articulated budgets and spreadsheets” designed to bring you into the compliance of living within your financial confines…peacefully”
“In your near future, you will instead of working for money…be a month ahead in your payments with discretionary cash; and having your invested money and appreciating assets…compounding for you” Life becomes more graceful and enjoyable…prosperity is coming to you!

Most banks now offer monthly automated payment systems for you.They extract the funds in the same amount each month on the desired day, that you set:

We do recommend all the steps: 2,3,4,5,6 in weekly calls; ideally to solve your pressing concerns and also to graduate everyone in your family into our “money management system…it will amaze you and serve you! The progressive total is $1250 or…$1000 with prepayment! You get our financial resurrection program: Conferencing, recommendations, tremendous budgeting system and by choosing step 6: Our real estate attorney will have your conference information to date, to then conference directly with you and give you preferred advisement! CALL: 480-897-0123

“THE CHOICE IS YOURS!”Each step you select after our initial conference is $200 with $300 if your choose the kozub law group…you advance as it elevates you!

Comparative Costs And Fees Will Be
Many Times Our Total Program!

Please complete our “property and loan information sheet”! It is a fillable form that you can email to us…so when we proceed with you. We will then have more information to work with you and ask the questions that will help to guide us, and help you make prudential decisions to yield your highest resolve… Send your completed form to both of our e-mail addresses: assurancecompanies@gmail.com and  assurance@cox.net. Thank you for your valuable time!

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