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Now, We Must Get Serious To Resolve
The Quantity Of People Finding
Themselves In Difficulties

Our Country’s & Societal Resolves!

What Our Country & World Needs To Do To Elevate Wealth!


Correcting Our School’s Curriculum

Go to your junior and senior high school district and demonstrate that the curriculum must include:  “money management” to cope with normal societal challenges let alone the continual “sine-wave” in our economy! Form a committee to meet with the schools to: select, install and require an experiential “money management program” for every student!

We will be excited to provide guidance and assistance for you to accomplish this task: “the saving of our young people and reducing their family money management crisis which is so destabilizing!” Celebrate…remember tripping and stumbling makes you stronger…“your learnings to date will save many lives…both physically, emotionally and financially!”

Write A Letter To Your Congressman And
Deliver It…

  • Demanding immediate curriculum installation of “financial education” 
  • Delivered in 9-4 week courses in the junior or senior year of high school:
  • Business, economics, finance, banking, accounting, budgeting, investments, real estate & law!”

Our Immense Thanks…We Remain At You Service…Good
Fortune To You And Your Family!

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How? We stay with you through the foreclosure process and/or bankruptcy process together. We guide your steps and manage your money.


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